• Most Gulf bourses rise, tracking global


    Accidental move in Abu Dhabi and Kuwait 
    Most Gulf bourses rise, tracking global

    Most Gulf bourses followed yesterday's Asian and European stock markets made gains, supported by strong economic data from the United States and Germany. They returned to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, losses ceased while shares of Manama and Doha and Muscat, Kuwait stock exchange dropped the height of earnings slightly and dominated the market as. Marwan shurrab said Fund Manager and responsible trading vision investment services ' I think that markets recovering mainly of selling pressure. He said gains in Asian markets earlier boosted investor confidence.
    Rising in Dubai
     yesterday returned to the DME rise strongly after a wave of profit-taking dominated the market during the previous three meetings ended on gains made during the first two sessions in the new year to restrict the margin lending operations, the General said, up 1.96 percent at 3443.76 points and saw trading volumes and values significantly supports the strong trend of the market. The trading volume was 814 million shares compared with 643.1 million shares Tuesday, with trading values were about 1 billion dirhams, the same former level. And insurance sectors of the market, up 3.1 percent, followed by real estate, up 2.7 percent and 1.9 percent.
    Coherence on ADX
    profit ended the first yesterday closed slightly up 0.03 percent at 4395.78 points, rising trading volumes and values significantly to hit trading volumes to 511.9 million shares compared to 385.6 million shares of trading values are higher to 938.2 million compared to $ 2,857.9 million, indicating that the driving force for the market that featured heavily in the beginning of the week.
    Continued recovery ' Bahrain'
    Bahrain market concluded today general index trading up 0.54 percent to close at 1262.29 points, continuing its strong performance since the start of trading this year, its highest level in two years, ending a long period of unsatisfactory performance since April 2013. To increase the market value of the stock market today about 38 million dinars to around seven billion dinars. High market to the strong performance of the banking sector, led by Bank shares, as the sector index rose by 1 percent after a rise in shares of Al Salam Bank rose 3.36 percent to close at 0.154 dinars. The shares ' Bahrain ' traffic on top stocks rose 3.66 percent, closed at 0.85 dinars. Low stock shares issued ' khaleeji ' trading down 2.22 percent to close at 0.044 Bhd.
    Accidental dropping in' Kuwait'
     in Kuwait the market gains made during the first three sessions this week stopped to close at the same level today, down just 0.02 percent to close at 7657.57point indicator, where received the market Monday to form a Government, but the low trading volumes was referring to the low momentum in the market started the week with a big liquidity ratios compared with the levels at the end of the year elapsed.
    'Country ' leads the country market continued to rise today to maintain its gains since the beginning of the week, supported by optimism about earnings growth and Government support for the market which waiting for a ' current ' underwriting currently amid expectations that strong rises arrow records after the Finance Minister announced that subscribers in fourth quarter profits from 2013. General Index closed up 0.25 percent at 10834.84 points on a key support at 10,800 points analysts were that the market would then profit operations. Values and decreased market trades significantly today and run for profit, where only 400.7 million compared with 701 million today, after trading of 8.2 million shares, compared with 15.1 million shares Tuesday.
    The rise of the forces of ' Muscat'

    general market continued to rise today by 1.45 percent to close at 7086.60 points, the highest close since the start of the new year and the highest level of October 2008, and a continuation of optimism in the market this week with a clear improvement in liquidity, as trading totaled 19 million, up nearly 2 million compared with yesterday as a result of the rise in trading volumes to 65 million shares, compared with 55 million shares on Tuesday.

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