• Modification centers and speculation affect the performance of the Kuwaiti market




    The absence of stimuli contributes to the weakening of the circulation
    Modification centers and speculation affect the performance of the Kuwaiti market


    Kuwait market dealers looking for stock to the emergence of new technical developments, breaks the idle market, both in the oil market or advertise new positive news moved some stocks, especially the current situation contributed to the weakening trading and demand for purchase. Economic report said that profit-taking and modifying the speculation centers shares cheap and popular in Kuwait stock exchange continued to decline last week.
    The report (first financial) of today, the price of the stock index slipped below the 7,000 point in time shares (Kuwait 15) in last week's meetings marked coherence. He said the market was less active and recorded their every sharp retreat, including cash in circulation and value index index (Kuwait 15) at the 3rd meeting of the highest level of the year by 107 points. The report noted the lack of positive catalysts in the course of the performance, where the leading shares reflected a lack of desire to expand investment activity, as have moved some small arrows within the path of speculative sales orders reflected a wide range of stock for orders which opposite each desire to speculate. He noted that the cash value traded was low and declining levels of new, because of weak activity directed towards building investment centers in time growing speculative activity, as was the loss of the Saudi market and all the region's markets after a psychologically to the traders.

    The report noted that the numbers of transactions at each point to a selective activity on certain stocks, while not without meetings week of speculative activity on a wide range of shares, where focused some of their dealers to take advantage of price levels for purchase.

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