• Local manufacturing meets the operational requirements and maintains readiness and independence in decision


    The spare parts industry workshop.. Opened by Salman bin Sultan

     Local manufacturing meets the operational requirements and maintains readiness and independence in decision​


    The parts industry in Saudi Arabia  workshop held in King Abdulaziz City for science and technology today top five destinations you need spare parts, the Ministry of defense and aviation, the Ministry of the National Guard, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of trade and industry, and Ministry of transport, and military sectors and desalination, petroleum activate local manufacturing and working to coordinate efforts and provide all potential spare parts factories in the country in the workshop which was opened by Prince Salman bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Deputy Defense Minister. He said Prince Salman bin Sultan, accelerometer, put us a real challenge, highlights the need for transferring technology, since we live in a conflict zone, since decades, increased tension where political and geopolitical changes.
    He said during the opening of the parts industry workshop, organized by the King Abdul Aziz City for science and technology in cooperation with the ministries of defense, trade and industry, the Ministry of defense is very motivated in this workshop to Saudi Government guidelines which emphasize attention to science and technology, and promote scientific research and the transfer of technology. The initiative of the Ministry of defense to activate local manufacturing has many objectives and economic motives and strategy including speed meet operational requirements and to maintain readiness and independence in decision-making at all levels, and strengthening national security through maximizing the industrial self-sufficiency, and rotate the financial resources locally, in addition to creating new job opportunities for Saudi youth, prevention of monopoly companies.
    On his part, said Dr. Mohammed Ibn Ibrahim Al-suwaiyel, President of King Abdul Aziz City for science and technology, the manufacture of spare parts important industries in Saudi Arabia, its importance stems from consuming sectors, where many vital sectors of the Kingdom including the military sector and the petrochemical and desalination sector and production lines in different industries, which need large amounts of spare parts to operate and its work on time. The city, said Al-suwaiyel ensured the establishment of a national program for advanced materials in order to contribute effectively to the development of the Kingdom's economy through the provision of integrated and supportive environment for the development and support of relevant activities, create new jobs and develop advanced technologies, in addition to meeting the need in this area to achieve the national orientation and supports the implementation of the national strategy for science and technology.
    In turn, explained Dr. tawfig alrabiah, Minister of trade and industry, that the industry experienced a great development in the past years, noting that the rate of industrial growth during the past 15 years had twice the rate of GDP growth and export growth exceeded 10 per cent per annum from domestic industries. He said that parts industry is very important for several reasons, the first being dependent on ourselves in this industry and not rely on others in this area, the other being the basis for many industries; many industries started manufacturing parts and devices industry evolves. Lt. Gen. said Fayyad Alruwalli Saudi Air Force Commander, Chairman of the Central Committee of local manufacturing in the armed forces, the armed forces under the guidance of the leadership is determined to go ahead with the implantation of industrial materials and spare equipment and systems, technical transfer and resettle returned the industry national duty required everyone to intensify efforts and cooperation to achieve the noble goals.
    The impact kicked off the workshop with the participation of specialists and experts from the various stakeholders in the public and private sectors, and the first section of which touched on a number of topics including investment in spare parts and its governmental role through the provision of appropriate incentives and economic feasibility studies, to support localization techniques through government procurement. In the second section of the audience discussed the subject qualification of skilled labor and building expertise in logistics and consultancy besides training companies in the industry, and the challenges associated with manufacturing such as intellectual property, quality, documentation and ways of dealing with them.
    The workshop aimed at building an integrated system for the manufacture of spare parts in order to fill a need and the creation of job opportunities through the creation of an environment conducive to investment in manufacturing spare parts, together with the development of a long-term strategic relationship between the public and private sectors in the area of local manufacturing, and take advantage of local production capacities and accumulated experience in this area. 

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