• Jet fuel prices drops till 6.1 percent this month


    Jet fuel prices drops till 6.1 percent this month
    The international air transport Association « IATA » revealed that the aviation fuel prices dropped till 6.1 per cent during August, falling to 123,8 dollars per barrel, and 131,3 dollars at the same month, as a reflection of the decline of oil prices in the world market to the roof of 105 to 107 dollarsIn the current period.
    «IATA» estimated the increase in the fuel bill during the current year till 4 billion, despite a price drop this month instead of 3 billion at the end of the first half, going up to 209 billion, compared with a previous forecast of about 208 billion dollars, less than the forecast bill at the beginning of the year, which stood at 213 billion dollars. «IATA» index data has showed for the current month that the decline in fuel prices came consecutively to frequent drops in July and August, when the index fell nearly 10 points, while the index dropped about 20 points during August 2013 to 338, 5 points compared with 359,1 point in the same month of the year 2012. The «IATA» data estimated that the average price per barrel in the year 2013 to 124, with less than 3 cents for the first half of the year, underscoring the continued improvement in the performance of general aviation companies.

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