• Investment activity restores the Saudi stock profitability


    The index is trading upward path which put it under selling pressures

    Investment activity restores the Saudi stock profitability


    Saudi shares returned to profitability after a rise of 0.6 per cent yesterday after the index's inability to maintain its profits over the past week. Despite the rise after the price drop but the liquidity has not grown significantly since still below five billion riyals. It also trades without rising to the short path, making it vulnerable to selling pressure in the short period that will fade away if the override cursor 8425 points. And the inability of the cursor on the override will increase the concern of customers due to the inability of the market to achieve new peaks and dealers tended towards a preference for sale to keep the poor performance. Liquidity is still geared towards leadership and equity investment sectors reflecting the nature of the investment dealers supports the positive market trend for the medium and long term, especially with the improved profitability of companies and macroeconomic performance. Artistically. Face index today support at 8313 points followed by 8262 point, resistance at 8,437 points.
    The index opened at 8,337 SQFT point without losses to rise towards reaching the highest point in the session when 8388 points, 0.61 percent gain. At the end of the session the index was able to maintain its profits to close at 8388 point getting 50 points, or 0.60 percent. Liquidity rose 9 percent to $ 4.4 billion. The average value per transaction 63.1 thousand riyals. Shares traded grew 6 percent to 168 million shares, the average recycling trader free stock 0.89 per cent. The deals fell 3 percent to 70.9, 000 deal.     13 sector Rose versus low sectors ' insurance ' and ' media ' by 0.65 percent and 0.12 percent respectively. High investment sector topped the multiplayer by 1.54 per cent, followed by the cement sector grew by 1.48 percent and the third sector of hotels and tourism by 0.89 percent. Top volume leader was petrochemicals worth 918 million, followed by real estate development sector worth 812 million and third banking sector worth 494 million.

    The performance of the stock market trading 157 shares rose 77 shares drop 54, with 26 shares closed unchanged rates. Higher exports shares ' atheeb Telecom ' by 6 per cent to close at $ 15.80, followed by arrow ' othaim markets ' by 4.47 percent to close at $ 122.75 and III share ' South ' cement 3.8 per cent to close at $ 129.25. While retreating shares issued ' eligibility ' 2.7 percent to close at 48.90 reals, followed by arrow ' Seiko ' 2.4 percent to close at $ 48.50. And III share ' Bubba ' Arabic by 2.2 percent to close at contactee. Top-traded shares ' SABIC ' worth 461 million shares Jabal Omar ' followed by ' worth 330 million and III share ' development ' worth 268 million.

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