• Increase prices for 212 investment funds


    Increase prices for 212 investment funds
    Increases in document prices for 212 investment funds last week

    Saudi Arabia Investment funds saw difference in performance over the last week, according to the latest update of Tadawul website, with increase in the performance of 212 investment funds during this week, a decline were seen in 8 other investment funds according to " Mubasher Info".
    The European equity Fund which belongs to Samba saw an increase of 8.88 percent, to close at 8.5211 dollars on June 16 while of 7.8259 dollars in the ninth of this month.
    U.S. Aggressive Growth Fund rose by 7.06 percent, pushing the document price of the document from 9.6093 dollars in the ninth of June to 10.2881 dollars from the same month. Saeb for American shares ranked third up 6.63 percent, to close the document price to 98.0426 dollars in 12 June compared to 104.5417 dollars from the same month.
    If Saudi Arabian funds were divided according to gender; Morgan Stanley for Saudis hares will rank highest among local funds by 5.52 percent, followed by Saudi EFG with a percent of 5.32 percent.
    Riyadh international shares came higher among international share funds by 6.54 percent, as for AlRajhi who achieved balance rate of 1.02 percent, followed by Etisalat fund belongs to Riyadh Financial rose by 1.59 percent; representing the less of international share funds.
    The U.S. Aggressive Growth Fund rose up by 7.06 percent, while the Arab Fund for American shares came less by 2.24 percent.
    Furthermore; European Equity Fund belongs to Samba came highest among the group by 8.88 percent.

    while Japan Equity Fund's which also belongs to Samba Assets headed the list  by a rise of 5.47 percent.

    As for AlShamikh fund belongs to Riyadh financial climbed with a rate of 4.42 percent, followed by the AlTumoh multi-fund assets belongs to Saudi Hollandi by 4.28 percent.

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