• High Trading in the Parallel Market by 71%


             The parallel market NOMW rose for a second session to close at 2,909 points, a five-point gain of 0.17 percent. Trading values ​​rose 41 percent to SR1.78 million, or SAR8,000,000. While traded shares increased 71% to 47 thousand shares to 114 thousand shares, with a drop rate of 0.68%. Three stocks rose against the rest. Redan rose 2.5 percent to SAR 14.24, followed by a big gain of 1.69 percent to SAR 24. Bahar Al Arab was the top loser by 8.5 percent to SAR 9.52, followed by Samani by 3.2 percent to SAR 53.82 and Food Development by 3 percent to SAR 65.
    The highest drop was "Redan" with a value of 978 thousand riyals, followed by "Arabian Sea" worth 278 thousand riyals, and third "food development" worth 268 thousand riyals.

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