• Gulf negotiations with Asian countries for the transfer of manufacturing technology


    Gulf negotiations with Asian countries for the transfer of manufacturing technology


    Abdul Rahim Naqi, Secretary-General of the Federation of Gulf Chambers said that there is an opportunity for Gulf investors to take advantage of the technical and industrial revolution to South Korea in the manufacture of arms and military supplies in a number of Gulf countries for serious attempts to manufacture military equipment such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE. And pure for the ' economic ' Gulf orientation to Asian markets and strengthening economic partnership, specifically Chinese and Korean is a large area of the Gulf governments and investors in industrial and technical affairs.
    And pure in the emerging markets in the Korean capital Seoul by the Korean International Trade Association, the advanced technology they have in a number of industries, even in the military can take advantage of them, especially the Saudi experience in the manufacture of some military equipment and tools are used that do not need technology, manufacturing areas opened to the private sector, there is equipment for border and military submarines use GCC products, pointing out that he can enter the Korean technology in this field in addition to industry All types of Gulf governments interested in guiding the private sector of manufacturing, especially in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Naqi said that light military industries have special economic industry in South Korea arrived at the advanced technology and sophisticated military world has its specificity and patrons and his investors, adding ' States today are racing to enter special States that rely on large purchases in the sector, noting that investment and holding companies open to investors within certain specifications ensures access to high level '.
    He said that the military equipment was not codified lawfully but applies the laws of national industry so they are open to Gulf investor to enter into development and holding companies and benefit from the experiences of other countries. He noted that participation by the emerging markets comes after South Korea was selected as a strategic partner and a key given the importance of this country, economically, commercially and industrially. The benefit of this partnership is for excellence demonstrated by South Korea in the industry technology, which has incited the Gulf in all industrial areas, noting that Korea will have more interest in advanced technology with making value added for the Gulf and enter them in long-term partnerships in particular with regard to infrastructure that the Gulf States as a big train project so there was a visit from railways to be partner for these projects, pointing out that the entry of Gulf market to find companies used as logistical support in the Gulf which will support local and Gulf companies and gaining experience.
    The Council is considering a number of negotiations to promote economic trade relations, which was not the same level of interest in the Gulf in recent years, particularly after the tremendous development of industrial technology, particularly oil and gas, power, pointing to the return of delegations to meetings of the GCC in China at the level of Foreign Ministers to conduct negotiations to restart working after the Exchange due to disagreement regarding the Gulf products and exports, particularly petrochemical, fertilizer and non-oil products.

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