• Gulf markets return to profitability after three weeks of decline


    Except «Kuwaiti» .. varying gains for regional markets during the first half
    Gulf markets return to profitability after three weeks of decline


    Gulf markets have returned to profitability again last week after three weeks of decline, in the Dubai market recovery returned last weekend after the ' arabtec ' arrow return to height, as the market reacted with a press conference for the company and that the company's strength and its withdrawal from the list of projects, and achieved market gains over the week stood at 4.2 percent at 4399.64 points, off came the strong market bounce and volume of unexpected liquidity amid expectations continually rising market in the light of survival above 4,000 points. The Abu Dhabi general index has risen 2.3 percent over the past week to close at 4770.23 points. In Manama stock general index decreased by 0.34 per cent last week. In Kuwait a record price index increased by 0.32 percent a week after reaching the level of 7004.31 points. Country market index jumped 4.7 percent to close at 12376.6 points.
    The performance of the GCC markets during the first half of this year have most markets end first half of 2014 at varying heights where the Dubai financial market index cruised the Gulf by more than 17 per cent, followed by the Bahrain market by 14 per cent and then ' Saudi ' and ' Qatar ', while Kuwait market came down about 8 per cent. Most of the market indicators have initiated public trading on strong rises even recorded some big gains was the largest share of the ' Dubai financial market ' and ' Qatar ', which rose more than 58 per cent and 33 per cent respectively, and then affected the profit of some of these indicators during the last months of the study location ' numbers '.
    The market's performance has been mixed in terms of trading value, compared to the same period last year, with the total value of trades in the market during the first half 299.5 billion dollars, compared to 204 billion dollars during the first half of 2013 and trades in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to 56.6 billion dirhams and 28.7 billion dirhams respectively, with trades in Kuwait dropped to 12 billion dinars compared to 25.6 billion dinars during the same period last year. With the end of the first half, 2014 was repeating the Saudi market profit 18.4 times as the top iterator profitability between GCC and then Kuwait financial market bis 18.2 times, the MSM as a less lucrative market when repeating 12.7 times. Corporate performance was mixed at the end of the first half of this year, with the market value of the shares ' SABIC ' by 3 per cent, while the shares of Emirates NBD and ' reconstruction ' included on the Dubai financial market as more companies increased by 32 per cent and 31 per cent respectively, while the market value of the company, the largest percentage decline of Mobily ' by some 5 per cent.

    The list included 20 gainers in the region most of the shares listed on the Saudi financial market and issued shares ' international insurance ' by 209 percent, also included othaim markets ' Nadec ' and ' Red Sea ', and list of the UAE while the Dubai financial market indicators published in the Gulf. The list includes 20 companies most in the region most companies Kuwait with Kuwait market General by nearly 8 per cent, and the shares retreating shares ' deera holding co. ' and then ' Wafa insurance ' listed in the Saudi market.

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