• Gulf markets await new incentives to compensate for losses


    Expectations for a recovery in the UAE and Qatar stock
    Gulf markets await new incentives to compensate for losses


    All Gulf markets recorded last week varying retreats with the exception of the MSM that rose slightly, the Iraq crisis overshadowed the region's markets dropping in the UAE stock return fears real estate bubble in Dubai, awaiting new stimuli for most markets rise amid expectations of a slow recovery of the country and shares this week. In UAE Dubai market continued its losses during trading last week on the back of the real estate and banking shares, losing the handle about 5 percent and closed at 4593.27 points, led by shares of arabtec ' ' real estate market losses add to the losses in the banking sector amid fluctuations over the sessions last week, amid expectations of a return to the heights this week referred to test new resistance points, the points she broke her support during the recent correction wave.
    The return of a property bubble concerns rises in Dubai selling pressure on shares of real estate, which has seen strong shares sales ' arabtec' which recovered somewhat after the company's Chief Executive resigned and its emphasis on the durability of the company's relationship with ' Wells '. The banking sector index fell 5.8 per cent of Emirates NBD shares, which fell by 5.6 percent as the real estate sector amounted to losses downloads of 4.9 per cent, with significant losses shares ' arabtec ' weekend reached 14.8 percent, Emaar shares were down 2.7 percent.
    In Abu Dhabi the market index dropped 2.6 percent during the past week, with rippling effect real estate sector in Dubai to Abu Dhabi, ending the week down 3.7 per cent through his leadership retreats ' Aldar ' about 3.8 per cent saw most leading shares some sharp retreats in ' Dana gas ' which aired around 9.8 per cent following the Iraqi crisis. In the Doha market continued its decline towards the weekly 4 percent to close at 12453.76 points, and make the connections Strip market declines by 9.43 percent and real estate sector by 5.4 per cent, amid expectations the return the market to rise this week after the market raise foreign ownership in shares to 49 percent from 25 percent and did not interact with the market significantly over the weekend despite the great welcome by investors. In the Kuwait market losses accelerated downloads to 4.19 percent to close at price index 6940.24 points amid low liquidity in the market with stricter control on speculation which is expected with continuing decline in market trading this week.

    In Manama, the market index losses over the past week by 1.72 percent to end the trading week at 1434.84 points, with continued profit-taking, which continued throughout the hearings last week where the market also miss for incentives which pushed dealers into custody towards the end of the second quarter of 2014, which coincides with the announcement of some corporate half-year dividend. In Muscat, bucking the market trend to GCC markets last week, the index rose slightly by 0.08 percent to close at 6912.97 points as the market's performance has been characterized as accidental.

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