• Gulf bourses resist profit-taking in the last meeting of the year


    Budgets closing in 2013 put pressure on prices 
    Gulf bourses resist profit-taking in the last meeting of the year


    It is expected that most Gulf bourses this week gain profits during the last three trading sessions of the year, which puts pressure on prices, particularly with the trend of companies to close down public budgets. Gulf markets saw a mixed performance during the year 2013, notably Dubai market registered gains of up to 100 per cent, with only the Bahraini stock exchange, up 14 per cent and skipping the '' country '' 24.3 per cent and Kuwait 28 per cent. UAE stock recorded during last week's trading higher at 1.1 percent for DFM and 1.9 per cent for Abu Dhabi, where he completed the Dubai market transactions on 3307.95 points, while the Abu Dhabi stock exchange index closed at 4185.65 points.

    Dubai most gains by 102% this year
    expects this week continuing small shares investors are still below market value prices, first among these is the 'Dana gas shares '' which has increased markedly over the past week, supported by the company on the part of their dues to the Egyptian Government, is also expected to derive real estate shares a boost after the Government of Dubai issued a decree which supports confidence in the real estate market in Dubai, and prevent indiscriminate increases in market, select the increase in rent real estate The Emirate, there should be no increase in the increase in value if the rental allowance of less than 10 per cent of the average wage, with select increase by 5% of the rent if the rent is less than unity between 11 per cent and 20 per cent of the average wage, with the end of the transaction is expected to maintain Dubai gains that exceeded the 102 per cent superior to all exchanges in the region.
    Manama, with only 14%, 2013
    the Bahraini market ended general trading last week, up 1.36 percent at 1222.90 points, buoyed by shares of banking and investment, with the approach of the trading data indicate that the Bahraini market gains have not exceeded the 15 per cent, which is small, compared with gains of regional markets, where no market price hikes this year. The market lacks fresh news that dominated the news of the takeover company Gulf Finance House in London's property market during trading last week, the company said that the estimated value of the property for about 25 million dollars, and the investment target for up to 36 months, and there is a plan for the renovation of (cheaper) and then sell the apartments. The project is expected to achieve a return of 35 per cent, because of the high property price is expected during cornering. The company expected the deal to affect positively on the financial results for the fourth quarter of 2013.
    Kuwait aims to gain 28
    Kuwait stock exchange ended the week at a height not exceeding 0.28 percent during the trading week, with trading volumes decline, the decision of the Constitutional Court did not succeed in keeping the Parliament in pushing the market to achieve tangible gains amid anticipation waiting on Government reflected the impact on trading. The Kuwaiti market gains amounted this year until the end of trading last week, about 28 per cent, which is reasonable by some analysts over the political developments in Kuwait and controversy about Parliament.
    Doha resists profit
     In Doha with profit-taking continue to reduce gains market this year last weekend to 24.3 percent exceeded the 25 per cent amid the General Index closed the week at 10,400 points after higher levels in recent years. Predictions of the end of profit in the market by the end of the trading year, where analysts expect the strong ascent of indicators aimed at new levels and summits during the first months of next year.
    18 Muscat market gains in 2013,
     although the Muscat stock market rise last weekend, but the outcome of last week's decline the index of 0.46 percent to close at 6790.77 points and lost a market value of nearly 27 million by 0.19 percent to 14 billion riyals. Muscat gains recorded during the year up to last weekend's 18 percent.

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