• Global Smart Networks Investments is expected to reach an amount of about $ 170 billion in 2014


    Global Smart Networks Investments is expected to reach an amount of about $ 170 billion in 2014


    The Head of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Dr. Mohammed Al Swayel indicated that the volume of global investments in technologies and smart Network will reach about $ 170 billion by 2014.
    He explained at the opening of the workshop of Smart Network 2011 organized by the city in cooperation with the Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority and Saudi Electricity Company and electrical system security of the and the University of Southern California, said intelligent network has received worldwide attention significantly due to the role of these technologies in all walks of life, especially in the field of electricity as it would have a prominent role in raising the efficiency of the system.
    During the first session of the meeting in which discussing of 3 work papers addressed the regulation of intelligent smart networks provided by the Deputy Governor of the Electricity Regulatory and Cogeneration Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Ibrahim.
    The second paper introduced by the Executive Chairman of Saudi Electricity Company Dr. Mohammed Oweidh whom reviewed the system applied by the company and expansions planned in the network generation, transmission as well as the infrastructure for each of the communications systems which will be an essential part in the implementation of any smart network in the future.
    Third paper emphasized by the  Executive Director of the Energy Institute at the University of California, Dr. Donald Paul that the development and implementation of Smart Network represents a major evolutionary change to the infrastructure of electricity and that this includes multiple dimensions of technology, companies and government policy and social behavior.

    Nonetheless; the second session proposed two papers ,the first one provided Professor of Computer Science at the University of California and the Executive Director of the UCLA Center for software technology Professor Viktor Prasanna, representing the Network Project of Los Angeles Smart Network at the University of Southern California.

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