• Egyptian Stock Exchange is seeking to attract new companies compensation for the loss of 'turmoil'


    Institutions accounted for 31.64% of total trading in October

    Egyptian Stock Exchange is seeking to attract new companies compensation for the loss of 'turmoil'

    The Egyptian stock market indicators rose in October, a record pointer ' EGX 30 ' a rise of 9.9 percent closed at 6,188 points, any index of GX 70 ' by 6.26 percent, closed at 517 points, the index ' i.e. GX 100 ' increase of 6.92 percent, closed at 867 points. The report said monthly stock market: the market capitalization of stocks listed on the Egyptian stock exchange rose to 24.6 billion pounds at the end of last month registered 204 billion pounds. The value of trades in the last month to 11.2 billion pounds, and trading volume is about 2 782 million paper access on 488 thousand.
    Egyptian trading recorded a rate of 84.8 percent of the total market, and non-Arab foreigners captured at 10.04 percent, to 6.35 per cent, excluding transactions. Non-Arab foreigners recorded net buying worth 211.45 million pounds and net selling worth Arabs 4.29 million pounds, excluding transactions. Egyptian stock exchange seeks to attract new companies, to compensate for the departure of a number of larger companies over the last three years, but political instability hindered progress. The report said: the institutions acquired 31.64% of transactions on the stock exchange; registered net purchases worth 497.67 million after the exclusion of transactions, and the rest of the transactions were for individuals by 67.7328 per cent.
    Trading amounted to total bond to 895 million pounds in October, and the total volume of securities of about 839 000 bond. He said Mohammed Omran, Chairman of the Egyptian stock exchange: Stock Exchange is working on easing listing rules and the development of new mechanisms for ETFs and rights issues and work to activate trading in the fixed income markets. The stock hit when bought the majority of shares in foreign companies, three of the largest listed companies which are: ' our ' and ' nsgb ' and ' Orascom construction '. The stock is currently seeking to offset capital losses out of the market caused by the exit of those companies. Stock Exchange Chief said his country looks forward to activate the bond market as the main financing tools and means to activate the capital market.

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