• Despite the profit-taking Saudi stocks maintain the level of 8800


    Lack of data are encouraging dealers to pay for Sale 
    Despite the profit-taking .. Saudi stocks maintain the level of 8800


    Saudi shares fell today, after a series of successive rises to three sessions, during which the market was able to achieve the best performance in two months. The heights of the banking sector, after Bank shares reacted with a number of banks, expansion in its activity by increasing capital, especially Riyadh Bank increased its capital share in maximum. After the banking sector reversed those variables and settled trades showed encouraging data from other sectors, stimulating dealers to pump more liquidity into the market, traders preferred to take profits, and currently represents the level of basic support point 8800 and loss will make the market selling pressures, brought in a profit

    The market has become more sensitive to negative news, trading now at its highest levels since the beginning of the year, and five years ago, which means many customers high capital profits, and would prefer a sale when you receive any negative factors, the market in the long term remains positive, as companies continue to achieve profitability and growth in its work, as reflected on the total profits of the market that exceeded the 100 billion riyals, there are no opportunities for investors has generated by regressions to pump their investments in the market
    The overall performance of the market index opened at 5,607 points, the highest point at 8848 handed 0.16 percent, while the lowest point at 8800 losing 0.40 percent, the end of the session reduced its losses and closed at 8,820 points, down 28 points, or 0.32 percent. Trading value dropped to reach 6.2 billion by 13 per cent, and traded to the 266 million shares, trader at 1 per cent, fell to 97.7 deals a deal, by 3 per cent.
    Performance of sectors rose seven sectors versus low eight sectors, and the hotel and tourism sector rising by 2.28 percent, followed by the cement sector rose 0.76 percent, and third estate by 0.67 percent. Either declining exports ' transport ' retreating by 1.18 per cent followed by the petrochemical sector grew 0.78 percent and the third sector ' multiple investment' at 0.75 per cent. The volume leader was the banking sector, worth 1.26 billion by 20 per cent, followed by real estate development sector worth 1.22 billion to 19.6 per cent. And III the petrochemical sector worth 984 SR, 16 percent
    The performance of the stock has been trading in the market, 158 rose, 46 were unchanged, compared with the low of 86 shares, closing 26 shares unchanged rates, high stock ' Al3almiah ', with 9.7 percent, closed at 47.40 reals, followed by ' Dar Al Arkan ', by 3.9 percent, closed at 10.50 reals, and III share ' Altayar ', 2.9 percent, closed at $ 109.82. It was the most dropping share ' Khaleej training ', 2.5 percent, closed at $ 57.75, followed by arrow ' Altakwen ', by 2.21 percent, closed at 38,80 SR and III share ' Aljof Alzerayah ' by 1.95 percent, closed at 50.25. And 41 percent of liquidity to six shares issued shares ' development ' Takwen, the value of 768 million, with 12.3 percent, followed by ' Dar Al Arkan ', worth 756 million, 12 per cent, the third ' SABIC ', worth 482 million, 7.8 percent.

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