• Decline in Turkey holdings of gold.. and rise in the euro area


    United States finished first with 8133 tons
     Decline in Turkey holdings of gold.. and rise in the euro area

    Documents revealed that Turkey had reduced its holdings of gold by 31.171 tons in January, the largest drop among the States on the list of reserves gold by the International Monetary Fund. The preliminary data from the IMF today that Turkey lowered its holdings of the precious metal 6% to 488.578 tons. The cut came after a string of increases last year after the Turkish Central Bank allowed commercial banks to keep a portion of gold in its reserves. According to the World Gold Council, which represents producers, that Turkey is ranked 12th on the list of the most possession of gold in reserves of central banks. According to Reuters ' Fund said that euro zone increased holdings of gold at 7 760 tons to 10787.434 tons in January. Gold reserves were recorded in Germany, the second most possession of the yellow metal changed to settle at 3387.247 tons, while the United States holdings stabilized her first place when 8133.715 tons.

    Gold price fell in trading yesterday, but remained intact near the highest in four months amid concerns about China's economic growth and concern about Ukraine, after interim President Alexandre Tirchinov warned that his country is on the verge of defaulting on its debt. Gold Inn 0.2 per cent to $ 1334.45 an ounce after ounce, climbed to 1338.60 dollars on Monday registered its highest since late October. Gold jumped more than 10 percent this year. Typically investors to gold as a safe haven in times of political tension and economic concerns. Among other precious metals, silver price fell 0.50 percent to 21.85 dollars an ounce. Palladium lost 0.2 percent to 736.5 dollars an ounce while Platinum prices rose 0.01 cent to $ 1431.49 an ounce.

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