• China intends to conduct a historic economic reform


    The world's second largest economy on the verge of structural changes

    China intends to conduct a historic economic reform


    Leaders of ruling party in China's begun a meeting yesterday in Beijing, State media has described as a 'historic' is designed to search for new economic reforms. According to the 'French', to the general meeting to be held in closed session for members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of 376 is the third of its kind since the transition that took place a year ago at the helm of 'began' and will last until next Tuesday, adding that senior officials will discuss important issues concerning the strengthening of reforms in General. The global Times newspaper today, entitled the President 'has high hopes for the outcome of this meeting', while the people spoke about 'new historical starting point to China.' The first two meetings usually aims to set the party and State leaders, and to determine the broad outlines of economic policy, expressed sometimes inconclusive, as happened when Deng siaobing in 1978 the modernization of the Chinese economy.

    According to observers, the meeting will outline the reforms that will determine China's competitiveness in the next decade, and that these reforms must aim to open competition in the sectors controlled by public companies, from the railway to air transport through money and power and communications. The China Daily quoted Government adviser said that the meeting would pave the way towards a more sustainable economic growth thanks to the wide-ranging reforms and unprecedented. President Shi ginbing stresses and Premier Li Ke Chiang, who are in power since March, will restore the balance of growth in the second global economy to structural reforms make it less dependent on exports and investment in infrastructure.

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