• Businessmen seeking the future of the Saudi- Italian Economic Cooperation


    Within the celebrations of the 80 anniversary of the relations between the two countries

    Businessmen seeking the future of the Saudi- Italian Economic Cooperation
    In the Italian capital Rome Started the celebrating of the 80th anniversary of the Saudi-Italian relations, with the participation of the Council of Saudi Chambers representing the private sector, active role in promoting and supporting the mutual relations between the two countries in the economic construction in the presence of a number of businessmen from the Chambers of Commerce. He said Abdullah almobty, Chairman of the Council of Saudi Chambers, who heads the delegation of Saudi businessmen participating in the event that the delegation participated in the official opening ceremony for the 80th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries, which included traditional performances and exhibitions to reflect the culture and heritage of the two countries, the delegation also participated in the joint meeting of Saudi businessmen with Italian counterparts at Italian agency with the participation of the Deputy Minister of finance Hamad Al bazee, And Carlo kalindar, Italian Minister for economic development, where he was discussing the reality and the future of economic relations between the two countries and the role of business support and strengthen that relationship by offering economic Kingdom, also the delegation participating Thursday in Saudi-Italian relations Forum at the mansion Madam. Almobty noted in his speech to the business activities and the development of the relations, especially in the economic field, praising the support of the Governments of the two countries to strengthen economic relations, adding that the economy is the engine of these relations over its long history, with the signing of the first agreement on economic cooperation between the two countries in 1933, and has promoted the Convention draws the two countries to build a strategic relationship focused on economy through diversification and increased trade, increased investment and technology transfer, and deepen channels Dialogue and mutual cooperation.
    He said: this cooperation has contributed to increased trade between the two countries to arrive in 2011 to around 15 billion dollars, compared to three billion dollars in 2001, also contributed to the establishment of an Italian company in Saudi Arabia exceeded the cumulative investment of three billion dollars, engaged in oil and gas, communications, education and training, building materials and food. 

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