• Britain will lose hundreds of billions of pounds if it withdraws from the European Union


    Exclusion of Arabs investment outing from the capital because of the nature of their investments 
     Britain will lose hundreds of billions of pounds if it withdraws from the European Union


    Do Arab investments withdraw from Britain? Is the British economy loses hundreds of billions of pounds and thousands of jobs as a result of this withdrawal? Or that the Arabs, especially Gulf capital will remain as it is in Britain without effect?
    Questions posed by some business leaders, economists and even British politicians and international about the fate of foreign capital and international investment in Britain if it withdraws from the European Union.
    International billionaire George Soros was the last of those who votes for the risk of this withdrawal, saying that the escape of international companies from Britain would be a reality if the voice of the British voter to come out of the European Union.
    Soros, who achieved in one fell swoop a profit of billion pounds through speculation on sterling known as the Baghdad recent Black in 1992 , and forced the government of John Major, former British Prime Minister to withdraw from the European exchange rate mechanism , considered that Britain stands now with the European Union achieve the greatest benefit possible, it is a member of the Union and get all the benefits and advantages of membership , at the same time maintain its national currency is not sterling bear the difficulties incurred by the euro zone , and then withdraw from the Union mean billions in losses and a rise in unemployment rates .He said to " economic " Mansour Hassan financial analyst Arab in London , "The exit of Britain from the European Union will have economic repercussions multiple , primarily the withdrawal of many of the investments of current international , the decline of international investment  both coming from the European continent or from the Asian markets , but capitalArabic will not withdraw mostly.
    Hassan added that " failure to withdraw Arab capital due to the nature of these investments , when analyzing the detailed map of the Arab investments in the UK , we will find that the common denominator of which is linked to the UK only, not as a link between the British economy and the economies of the European Union , pointing out that most of the Arab investments for both countriesor individuals are properties real estate , properties of individuals and skyscrapers and buildings countries will not be affected in the value of the withdrawal or the survival of Britain in the European Union , the second type of Arab investment is concentrated in bilateral projects , and this is also not the income or correlation with the European Union . "
    Perhaps looks that view consistent with relatively announced by George Soros when he said , " I leave it to British business , especially international business people who create factories in Britain as an entry point to the common market of the European Union to explain to the public why would lose Britain if they withdraw from the European Union ."
    Nevertheless, Dr. William Roger professor of international trade is believed that Arab investments in Britain may also be affected if it withdrew to London from EU membership , but to a lesser degree of investment countries and international groups , adds for " economic " , that "the focus of Arab investments in the UK in areas such as assetreal estate or investment banking makes it difficult to predict its withdrawal from the British market if it came out of Britain from the European Union , but we have to realize that if a star for this off a decline in the relative weight of the British economy , or economic shock , especially if it succeeds sounds radical in France and Germany in the passits position on the need to punish Britain economically if they withdrew from the Union, so as not to unravel his contract , the Arab capital to perhaps find that it is worthwhile in terms of its profitability to continue to invest in Britain. "

    Roger pointed out that the talk about the future of Arab investments in Britain is linked to more economic burden on the scene as a result of the voter's vote on the survival of the British or the withdrawal of London Union.
    The controversy about staying or withdraw from membership of the European Union in the wake of statements Miliband supported the opposition Labor Party leader that his party will not proceed with a referendum due in 2017 , winning the parliamentary elections scheduled for next year .
    However , some economists advocates Britain's withdrawal from the European Union believes that Arab investments in the United Kingdom will not be withdrawn from it , but on the contrary, they will be strengthened in terms of the total value will be increased versatile.A supporter idea to withdraw from membership of the European Union which Dr. Lisa Wright Chancellor former International Monetary Fund says the "economic" , " She believes that the future of Arab investments in Britain will be better in the case of out of London of the European Union . One of the main problems that hinder investment inBritain is issued laws from Brussels without taking economic realities into account the British, out of London Union will make us get rid of all those bureaucratic constraints of the European bloc, and this will encourage international investment and Arabic. "
    She said Wright that " attract Arab investments to Britain not linked to membership in the European Union, but is fundamentally related to rates of profitability and return achieved from this investment, most forecasts that out of the European Union would give London flexibility economic now missing , it can be in the case of restoring higher rates of growth , which is workingthe main attraction of investments. "

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