• Benefiting from the Turkish experience in the transport of hazardous materials


    Within a workshop organized by the specifications commission tomorrow

     Benefiting from the Turkish experience in the transport of hazardous materials


      The Saudi Commission for specifications, standards organizing workshop on Monday, on safety requirements when transporting hazardous materials. The body workshop entitled ' transfer of hazardous substances ' are held in cooperation with the Turkish Standards Institute TSE, which aims to reduce incidents of hazardous materials carriers including (fuel tanks), the protection of life and property, through a review of the recent problems in this area with the relevant authorities and discussed with experts, in addition to highlighting the European Convention on the transfer of hazardous materials ADR which describes safety requirements when moving these materials.
    Commission indicated that the workshop will review the Turkish experience in this field and the possibility to make use of in the Kingdom, as well as an explanation of the American standard ASME12, ASME8, and the relationship between them concerning tanks (cisterns), fixed and mobile, to clarify the relationship between standard American and European Convention on road transportation of dangerous materials, as well as explaining the system of certification and accreditation of tanks (cisterns), of all types applied in European countries, in addition to highlighting the control systems and control equipment for the transport of hazardous materials and all types of tanks (cisterns). The SBSTA invited interested professionals to attend this workshop, participation in, and benefit from its activities and which will present papers. The Commission issued several standards and technical regulations in the field of transport of dangerous materials and designed to provide safety and security requirements when moved.

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