• Awareness brochure to reduce offending behavior in the market


    Issued by 'the market' and called for public investors to look at it

    Awareness brochure to reduce offending behavior in the market

    Financial market authority has revealed an awareness of market behavior contrary to the body system and regulations, pan called for investors to look to avoid wrongdoing, which reflected negatively on the market and the perpetrator accountable. And the Handbook, said that for a ' market ' behaviors in October 2004 and 21 articles; to prevent market manipulation and protect investors.
    The brochure contains examples of illegal behaviors that may affect the reputation of the market and their interactions, and their perpetrators prosecuted and the sentences on the Board or committees of securities disputes, the entitled to consider disputes arising between the parties involved in the market. The booklet, which is the system brochures, in the context of the pursuit of fairness, efficiency and transparency in securities trading, investor protection from unfair practices involving fraud or manipulation. Version displays examples of the violation in the market, such as the purchase or sale of stock by the end of the trading session to influence the share price rise or decline, to close at artificial price; what drives investors to make wrong decisions, and affect the price of the stock in trading the following day.
    Regulation, they present attitudes and practices which constitute market manipulation or delusion, and define the concepts of disclosure and trading on inside information, explain the conduct on licensed its commitment.

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