• Analysts: Rising oil prices will motivate investment and enhance the performance of the stock


    Saudi Arabia maintains the lead for OPEC crude production.
    Analysts: high oil prices will motivate investment and boost stock performance

    Oil analysts predicted that oil prices would continue rising over the track, the fourth quarter of this year and early next year to exceed 115 dollars a barrel for the Brent benchmark driven by growing demand from major Asian consumer Nations, especially China, which is preparing to become the first consumer of energy sources in the world with significant progress in the economic and industrial performance in the past five years. Financial analysts speculated that this growing in oil prices will stimulate energy and infrastructure investments in OPEC countries which recorded during last year's oil revenues totaled $ 1.26 trillion, an increase of 9.2 value of revenue in 2011, where ' Energies Capital'' pointed for analysis of specialist that increased oil prices will support investments in the oil sector and industry as it will contribute to an effective contribution in strengthening the performance of the stock market, especially in States that have financial solvency and liquidity as Saudi Arabia which is characterized by a robust economy and promising substantial investment market.
    ' oil & investment trend ' mentioned that the trend in oil prices would be slow and would not affect the course of recovery of the global economy, however the interest will be channeled in OPEC countries, especially Gulf States not affected by the consequences of the global financial crisis that struck a number of major Western industrialized economies. The Kingdom maintained at the top of OPEC oil production during the year 2012 and remained the only country in the world with the largest excess spare capacity of about 3 million barrels a day, Saudi Arabia's largest oil production in its history by pumping nearly 3.5 billion barrels last year, 2012, an increase of about 200 million barrels, up 2.7 to productive levels in 2011, opening the prospect of new industrial prosperity in the coming years in the Kingdom.

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