• American Russian launch the Arctic oil



    Despite sanctions and strained relations between the two parties
    American Russian launch the Arctic oil


    President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday launched a huge oil project involving two giant energy productions, one Russian and the other American, despite mounting tensions between the two countries on the background of political crisis in Ukraine. Amid acute tensions between Russia and the West on the background of developments in Kiev, Putin gave a green light to Russian American oil project in the Arctic is rich in raw materials, costing billions of dollars. The project is the Russian President gave him the go-ahead with the transport connection remote Illustrator (video konvirans) and Putin emerged to review oil platform run by energy companies Rosneft jumbos are interchangeable producer of crude oil in Russia, Exxon Mobil US multinationals.
    Putin said through his word of the Russian resort of Sochi penalties between the West and Russia and that the world economy shows the completion of this project sort of pragmatism and logic sound human, adding that due to the current political problems seem to be welcome. And Russia to tighten penalties for using arms trade to prevent every day importing new food products under the guise of health and consumer protection reasons. Since Western sanctions on Moscow over Ukrainian crisis imposed by the Russian authorities on an almost daily basis a new ban on imported products from the European Union or the United States. Health Agency says Russian ' roslkhoznador ' that all products such as milk, cheese and onion imported from Ukraine and fishing products imported from Greece and peach from Serbia, potatoes and cabbage from Poland and Spain, meat contains harmful substances, or infected with a dangerous bacteria or do not meet legal standards.
    Kyiv resolution aimed at preventing the export of potatoes, soybean, juice and canned food, milk, cheese and other farm products to Russia because of the presence of residues of antibiotics and irregularities in the information declared on the product. The reason justifying the Russian embargoes is consumer protection and public health are excluded any political motivation, said Nikolay bankov official parliamentary Committee on agriculture, that any decision is political? The Ukraine country spin war where the safety of ordinary citizens are not guaranteed, and where people are being killed, and does not have the products quality, so why do we import meat for example of animals killed by mortar shelling?

    Constantine believes Russian Analyst, kalashif it really a reaction to the sanctions, it is a continuation of politics by other means, all these measures are more like revenge of the States considered hostile, often accused Russia of using the arms trade through invoking medical reasons, as a means of diplomatic pressure on its neighbors. Europe is not the only target of that Russia had already banned last year almost entirely meat imports from the United States after the US Senate sanctions against Russian officials.

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