• Al Rabiah: commercial activity in houses faces the challenge of trade control


    Minister of Commerceand Industry,DrTawfiqAl Rabiah,ensured that his ministry isseekingtoget rid of thebureaucracy inits actions,pointing outthat the file«AllaguiGreen»for the submission oftransactionsdoes not existin alldepartments of the Ministry, asareallelectronic.He said inthe meeting ofentrepreneurship, whichconcludedits activitiesyesterdayinJeddah:«We seek toget rid of bureaucracyin all our dealingswithin the ministryand allitsdepartments».

    He added: «Ministry supports the recommendation of the Advisory Council for the launch of an independent panel responsible for financing and supporting small and medium enterprises in the commercial field», pointing out the importance of having a dedicated team of that panel for its support and assistance and guidance to young businessmen and women. He said: «Ministry of Commerce supports and harness all efforts to help young Saudis in achieving their aspirations through the establishment of their own business». 

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