• Al Naimi climate change remains incomplete if we do not contribute to the sustainable development


    Al Naimi: climate change remains incomplete if we do not contribute to the sustainable development

     Minister of petroleum and mineral resources Ali al-Nuaimi stressed on the « Petersburg dialogue for climate», held in Berlin, that Saudi Arabia looked forward to that agreement in 2015 to increase and widen participation and action between all parties by reaffirming the principles of the agreement and their obligations and build on that. He Said: «as we view this agreement as a valuable opportunity to promote actions and address gaps in the implementation of the agreed elements, mitigation and adaptation, finance, technology transfer, capacity-building and transparency measures and support, of course, these items should be in compliance with the principles and provisions of the agreement, in particular common but differentiated responsibility in that development programs and national conditions of each country.
    The Kingdom believes that working on the issue of climate change is not merely mitigate, but it includes a broader set of objectives and actions to be meaningful, must contribute to sustainable development. He said: 'in simple terms, we need to deal with both mitigation and adaptation components of equal and greater ambition on all elements of the Durban accord' to take advantage of all the existing potential and achieving agreement under the new (s) 2015».

    He noted that Saudi Arabia had taken steps towards adaptation and economic diversification and the potential advantages and common mitigation, as a means to combat climate change in the wider context of sustainable development. The program will include who intend to launch many common benefits in alleviating effects through action in the areas of energy efficiency, solar and wind power, and carbon capture and storage, especially in enhancing oil extraction, transformation of liquid to gas, research and development in clean energy. These actions will constitute the major efforts in addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation. Naimi spoke about the achievements of the Conference of the parties in Lima, said: 'in our view, the implementation of the previous decisions of the Conference of the parties should be the first priority, and most importantly we have, and this applies to the negative impacts of response measures, markets and emissions caused by deforestation and neglect, all unfinished assignments. So, must that efforts are concentrated on the results of these items in the COP 20 in Lima».

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