• A record high for the Qatar Exchange and Gulf markets ignore falling oil


    The Premier index Egyptian Stock Exchange fell 0.7%,
    A record high for the Qatar Exchange .. and Gulf markets ignore falling oil


    Qatar Exchange closed with high record yesterday, such as the  MS CIA ' market by increasing the weights of the three country companies on emerging market index, as ' Reuters '. Other stock markets also escalated in the Gulf region with investors ignoring falling oil prices again. Qatar stock index increased 0.7 percent to 13776 point to its gains since the beginning of the year to 33 per cent. Industries Qatar was the booster President to handle his rise 1.4 percent. The stock has risen 10.5 percent since the company announced in August a 38 per cent fall in profits for the second quarter of the year and is without expectations of analysts. It seems clear that the rise of the stock came due to the planned increase in the weight of the company's ' m.s. CIA ' in addition to buying from investors seeking dividends.
    Qatar Islamic Bank rose 6 per cent, while Qatar National Bank shares closed stable, two other two arrows will increase the weight on the index ' m.s. CIA ' from the end of the month. The index slipped to Egyptian stock exchange 0.7 per cent to 9373 points. The index saw swings since his Sunday hitting its highest in six years, with local and regional investors profits while foreign funds coming to buy stocks. He said trader based in Cairo who asked not to be named: ' it's just a simple correction, I expect the market to recover next week, trading too low ' values. Global Telecom shares rose 5 percent after the company said that a fair price for its stake in a unit of the Algerian jazzy 2.54 billion dollars, according to a report for HP. c financial advisors. Fimblkom company agreed to sell the share to the Algerian Government against 2.64 billion dollars, a premium of 4 percent over the stock ' h. c. '
    The company will hold an extraordinary meeting of shareholders on 26 April 2008 to approve a jazzy. Dubai financial market index rose 1.1 percent to 4908 points, hitting its highest in 10 weeks, although trading remained weak and much of the activity went towards small companies. The index climbed three times since the beginning of 2013. With three arrows are takaful and national cement and takaful House gains in percentage points in box scores. And less than the market value of these companies about $ 500 million. Usually individual investors targeted shares of small companies when there is no news to move the market because those shares are easy to move and allowing quick gains. The Sultanate of Oman has stepped up indicators and Bahrain.

    Closed market Kuwait stock exchange (KSE) on Monday traded higher in the three indicators by 10.7 points to price at 7,350 points and 0.67 point to Al-wazani and 0.5 point for (Kuwait 15). Value traded stock at close to 25.2 million dinars while the volume of shares traded around 244 million shares registered through 5,093 deal.

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