• 84% of mobile communications subscriptions in KSA is prepaid


    Amounted to 51 million in the third quarter 
    84% of mobile communications subscriptions in KSA is prepaid


    Government data showed that the number of mobile subscriptions in Saudi Arabia, about 51 million at the end of the fourth year. Prepaid subscriptions represent the vast majority of them, more than 84 %, the prevalence of mobile services at a population level, around 170 %. He said a report by the communications and information technology Commission ' that the number of fixed phone lines, at the end of the third, fourth, about 4.7 million, 3.3 million line of residential, 70 % of the total working lines. Thus, the proportions of fixed telephony for the population about 16 % while the prevalence rate for housing, some 65.6 %. Subscriptions in the broadband, mobile networks, it has about 14.4 million at the end of the fourth.
    These contributions include: data services, subscriptions in bundles for voice communications. Thus, the prevalence of broadband services across mobile networks, at a population level, approximately 49 %. The report said: the growing proliferation of smartphones has had a role in the increased number of users considerably in recent years. In terms of broadband subscriptions via fixed networks, amounted to 2.82 million, at the end of the third, fourth prevalence estimated at 44.3 % of housing.  Subscriptions to broadband services via fixed networks: digital subscriber lines ' DSL ', fixed wireless connections, fibre optic lines and other telecommunications.

    As Internet users, reached in Saudi Arabia, at the end of the third quarter of this year, some 16.4 million users, with prevalence estimated at 55 % of the population. The growing demand for Internet services, low prices, and technical developments that helped to access the Web better and faster; the impact on pushing the growth of Internet services in Saudi Arabia in past years, increasing prevalence. The estimated number of users per fixed line within three users, one or more users for each subscription in the broadband services across mobile networks.

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