• 80 percent of the Ahsa Gold traders, fall behind for the payment of zakat


    80 percent of the Ahsa Gold traders, fall behind for the payment of zakat

    The Department of Zakat and income in the province revealed that dealer have gone to pay 97 Zakat, Zakat was paid only 23 merchants only, which is equivalent to 80%, this was confirmed by the Branch Manager in Al-Ahsa Fouad Al-Mulhim, speaking yesterday in Town hall gold dealers, organized a Committee of gold craft in Ahsa, said that delays in the payment of Zakat traders for many years resulted in the accumulation of large holding things due to appreciation of the lump-sum payment, stressing that  all parties can access through the gate to the set position of the dealer and the other hand interest.
    Al-Mulhim called all merchants to online registration portal to follow the actions of their transactions and attach all the documents and financial statements, indicating that the interest is not charged to merchants, but a partner to help them, welcome all traders interest to address their situation and provide flexibility, ease and full understanding of their accounts and their expenses, stressing the importance of collecting and documenting financial transactions to law enforcement and the need for a session of documentary and full accounting, bringing all documentation and invoices for work to stakeholders. The Department of Zakat and income enable law enforcement to enter returns electronically processed and charged their dues automatically without having to the trouble to come , and to raise the level of voluntary compliance with the law enforcement by providing fair treatment, outstanding performance and to increase awareness, continuous improvement of the services provided to, work to achieve justice among law enforcement, the development of the principle of voluntary compliance, ensure timely interest and ending procedures.

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