• 777 million riyals worth 36 transactions in the local stock market in one day


    Saudi Arabia's stock market recorded 36 special deals worth 777 million riyals on 21.66 million shares in several listed companies.​

    The Saudi market closed at the end of trading yesterday, in the red areas for the sixth session in a row at 7599 points, down by 0.4 percent equivalent to about 32 points, and liquidity traded about 3.76 billion riyals through 133.3 million shares.

    According to Tadawul reports, ​private equity accounted for 20.6 percent of total liquidity in excess of 3.76 billion riyals, while private deals accounted for 16.2 percent of total traded stocks. Exceeded 133.3 million shares​.
    Al Rajhi Bank's largest transaction was about 110.9 million riyals on 1.91 million shares, followed by a special deal on shares of SABIC with about 103.4 million riyals on 1.17 million shares, making these deals about 27.6 percent of the total private deals.

    * Economic Reports Unit​

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