• 60 investment opportunity in Abha in front of Gulf businessmen


    During the 43 Chambers meeting of the Union «Cooperation» 
    60 investment opportunity in Abha in front of Gulf businessmen


    Prince Faisal Bin Khaled bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Asir, while receiving in Abha today the heads of Chambers of Commerce in the Gulf Cooperation Council, which comprises more than 60, Promise to provide all the facilities required for investment in the region that have the potential tourist makes it a target for every investor and businessman. Also honored the Prince of Asir former and current heads of Chambers who had them in the Federation of GCC Chambers, and launched the website of the Federation of GCC Chambers.

    He said Eng Abdullah almobty to «economic», Chairman of the Council of Saudi Chambers, heads of the Council of the Federation of GCC Chambers, enhancing genuine cooperation among Member States, as part of efforts to promote cooperation in economic and trade fields and projects in the region.
    He said that the visit to Asir by these delegations is to promote presence of Asir in hosting events and conferences, the idea of sustainable tourism advocated by Prince, and to educate the business importance of exploiting these advantages in order to support the idea of year-round tourism, support many economic ideas such as recreational and therapeutic tourism, conference tourism and festivals that bring economic returns for the region, which sought to achieve by hosting many local and international events to this equation at convergence and interaction with these events. Meanwhile, Khalil al-khonji, President of the Federation of GCC Chambers '' We came to Abha to explore investment opportunities in them, and we hope that the mutual visits, and we can only make our meetings secretariat in capitals but is going to other cities to discover ingredient to these cities . Al khonji said: the subject of running labor force they are great for both States, noting that the operation needs to be trained, and is our concern to help our Governments, despite the US accusations that the private sector does not like himself. Gulf Governments wished to overcome difficulties to the private sector that has significant potential to generate jobs for the sons and daughters of the GCC.
    Abdul Rahim, Secretary-General of the Union of GCC Chambers in the program of the visit prepared by the Chamber of Commerce and industry in Abha, who admired all and open to many areas of investment. Said Abdullah Al-Shibli, Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Affairs and the General Secretariat of the GCC delegation witness to the promising investment opportunities in the Asir region in tourism and the services sector, the nature of the region makes it attractive to many investors from the Gulf Cooperation Council, stressing the need to promote quality tourism services for the region, saying the arrival of such delegations an opportunity to promote the Asir region on the level of Arab Gulf States, as a tourists attraction of Gulf Cooperation Council countries, The importance of focusing on family tourism and do more of a tourist zone and industrial investment in the food industry and mining, takes advantage of the potential of the region and strategic location between the mountains and the sea in the area of fisheries, as well as agricultural that increased development and promotion of Asir will increase economic returns for the region, said such visits perfect opportunity to market, indicating that it has been showing many promising investment opportunities in Asir during the delegation's visit, saying: it's an attractive area for such meetings to create partnerships with the GCC countries, especially after these business opportunities and facilities offered to Gulf investors, stressing clarity the area support to create an infrastructure for the region, which is a key point in the economic development and tourism, Where relations between the Gulf Cooperation Council, organized by the economic decisions and conventions common rights and duties, and any investor in the Gulf should take advantage of the facilities offered by all relevant authorities in Asir for partnership by the looks of it the people of the region, and to provide all the information on investment opportunities in the region. The Abha Chamber has offered feasibility studies for over 60 studies by economic research center in the room before the delegations.

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