• 6 companies that record transactions of up to 86% of their free float shares in one session


    ​* Majid Al-Khalidi from Riyadh​

    The Saudi stock market trades recorded during yesterday’s session, one of the highest in the market in the recent period. Since the end of last August, the market has witnessed a significant increase in trading values.
    According to the monitoring unit of the reports in the newspaper "Al-Eqtisadiah" and based on the data of the Saudi Stock Exchange "Tadawul", the trading session on Monday amounted to about 18.57 billion riyals, as the highest daily trading since August of last year (12 months and a half), in case the trading of the 14th session of last June is excluded. Amounting to 263.9 billion riyals, and included the "Saudi Aramco" private deal on the shares of "SABIC".
    This led to the increase in the circulation rate of some companies significantly, compared to the number of their free shares, which reflects the intensity of circulation or the intensity of speculation, which affected these shares.
    Yesterday's session witnessed a rise in the trading rate of free float shares in the shares of six companies from 45% to 86% of the free float share. Shares of 20 other companies also recorded daily trading volumes exceeding 20% of the free shares to 44.9%.
    Free shares represent the total number of tradable shares or the total issued shares of the company, minus the ownership of government agencies, which exceeds 5 percent or more, and the registered shares, the shares owned by members of the Board of Directors, the shares that represent controlling ownership of more than 30 percent, as well as the shares bought back. By the listed company.
    According to the monitoring, the trades of the "Tihama Advertising" company recorded the highest circulation relative to the free float, by 85.7 percent, after recording trading volumes of 15 million shares worth 766.6 million riyals, to record the second-highest daily trading volume since listing.​

    This was followed by the shares of the "fish" company, which recorded transactions equivalent to 74.4 percent of free float shares, reaching 17.8 million shares with a value equivalent to 989 million riyals, as the share controlled 5.3 percent of the trading value of the session, as the effect of the shares was active.
    The third share of Naseej comes, which achieved the highest daily trading since the listing, with trades amounting to about 8.3 million shares, which constitute almost 50 percent of free shares.
    This is followed by "Paper Industry", "Shams" and "Jaco" shares, with trades that constitute about 47%, 46%, and 45% of its free float shares, respectively.
    The majority of these companies recorded significant market gains since the low of last March exceeding 200 percent, led by "Tihama Advertising" and "Fish", which gained about 278 and 276 percent, respectively, while we find "Jaco" and "Naseej" with gains. It amounted to 164 and 112 percent, respectively.
    These gains pushed most of these shares to trade near the highest level in nearly five years, with the exception of Naseej shares, which recorded the highest level since early February.

    * Economic Reports Unit​​

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