• 3.9 billion SR are the local contracts market traded in 8 years, two of them in 2017


             The Saudi bonds market witnessed the first two "buying transactions" this year, on July 20 and August 13, with a total value of nearly SAR 25 million, through six deals.
    According to an analysis of the Economic Reports Unit in Aleqtisadia, abscent from the local market for about 16 consecutive months from 22 March 2016 to 20 July 2017, reflecting a severe weakness in one of the important markets, one of the most important debts in countries.
    The sukuk market has been severely weakened since its inception, with its trading volume since its inception in 2009 "in eight years", equaling only liquidity in the Saudi stock market in one session.
    bonds traded in Saudi Arabia since the beginning of the year, amounted to 3.92 billion riyals, of which 475 million riyals since the beginning of last year 2016 to date, "450 million riyals in 2016 and 25 million riyals during 2017."
    There were four transactions in the sukuk and bond market since the beginning of last year. The first transaction on January 13, 2016 was SR 45.2 million, the second on January 21, 2016 at 99.8 million riyals, and the third on February 11, 2016 with a value of SR 5.9 million. Million riyals.
    This year, two deals were made, the first on July 20 with a value of 15 million riyals "three deals", and the second on 13 August with a value of 9.93 million riyals through three transactions, with a total of six deals.
    The sukuk and bond index has soared 0.9 per cent since the beginning of the year, to nine points, at 1000 points at the start of the market in 2009, while currently 991.44 points.
    The volume of issues in the market is currently 26.4 billion riyals distributed in five versions of four companies, the top of "7.5 billion riyals," Saudi Electricity 3 "7 billion riyals" and Saudi Electricity 4 "4.5 billion riyals, Riyal, and the issuance of Saudi Aramco Total (Satorp) of 3.5 billion riyals.
    Since the inception of the market, Rls 3.92 billion has been traded in about eight years through 220 transactions.
    The market started in mid-2009, during which it traded around SR 27 million through 55 transactions, 70 deals with SR 434 million in 2010 and 49 transactions worth SR 1.8 billion in 2011.
    While 20 transactions worth SR 446 million were executed in 2012, six deals worth 166 million riyals in 2013, nine deals worth 453 million riyals in 2014, seven deals worth 108 million riyals in 2015, four deals in 2016 worth 450 million riyals, And six transactions worth 25 million riyals during the year 2017.
    Sukuk and bond market participants, investors and exporters, trade investment securities with periodic returns and lower risk than when stocks are traded.
    Bonds are an important financing channel used by governments, companies and institutions to provide liquidity to fund their projects at relatively low cost. These bonds and bonds provide protection to investors' portfolios by providing them with the ability to diversify risk by providing less risky investment instruments and a safe return. Sukuk and bonds are traded on the market through authorized brokerage firms, using the same investment portfolios used for stock trading. This market provides key services, such as listing, sending orders, executing transactions, clearing and settlement, and publishing price data.
    Its launch is an important step in Tadawul's strategy to diversify financial products to investors in line with their investment preferences.
    The Saudi contracts market is improving greatly after the government debt instruments, which ended at the end of last April, were listed and traded at the Securities Depository Center (SDC) at a value of 171.52 billion riyals.
    According to the "economic" analysis, government debt will push the contracts and bond market to double by 7.5 times, jumping from SR 26.4 billion currently to SR 197.9 billion when government debt instruments are listed and traded on the market.
    The end of April was announced the completion of the registration of government debt instruments worth 171.52 billion riyals, ranging between five and ten years, while the remaining stages of listing and trading.
    43 government debt issues were recorded, of which 6 were variable government issuances, 4 were issuances, 20 were government fixed-rate debt instruments anfixed 13 variable government debt instruments with .

    -Economic Reports Unit

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