• 171 billion Saudi riyals is the value of trading the Saudi market in the third quarter


                 The value of trading in the Saudi stock market in the third quarter amounted to 171 billion riyals, a slight retract of 3 percent, while the market value of Saudi shares to 1.721 trillion riyals.

    The third quarter index ended down 142 points, or 1.9 percent. The highest point was 7,586 points with 2 percent gains, while the lowest point at 7058 points lost nearly 5 percent. Turnover was 7.8 billion shares, down 2 billion shares, or 21 percent. The deals were 4.7 million, up from 3.9 million, ten sectors rose against the rest of the sector. Food products rose by 23 percent, followed by banks by 12 per cent. The retract in capital goods was 16 percent, followed by long term goods by 10 per cent and transportation by 10 percent.
    The highest turnover was in "Banks" with a value of 49 billion riyals by 29 percent, followed by basic materials at 37 billion riyals at 22 per cent and third with 17 percent by insurance. The shares were led by "Research and Marketing" by 140 percent to close at 71.45 riyals, followed by Amanah Insurance by 75 percent and Printing and Packaging by 60 per cent to SAR 23.23. Almarai was down 26 per cent to SAR 71.32, followed by Saudi Cement by 19 per cent to SAR 41.89 and Medgulf Insurance by 18 per cent to SAR 33.45.
    The highest turnover was Enma (24 billion riyals) followed by SABIC (20 billion riyals) and Dar Al Arkan (12 billion riyals).
    In the parallel market "NOMW" the index fell 452 points by 12 percent to close at 3362 points. Trading values ​​dropped by SR 58 million to SR 201 million at 22 percent. While traded shares dropped 3.9 million shares by 34 percent to 7.6 million shares dropping 14 percent by 1.9 million to 12 million.

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