• Riyadh and Brussels15 trade agreement and conventions will rise to $ 10 billion


    The formation of Saudi Arabian -Belgian Business Council
     Riyadh and Brussels .. 15 trade agreement and conventions will rise to $ 10 billion


    Engineer Abdullah Alambti Chairman of Saudi Chambers rising expected that bilateral trade between Saudi Arabia and Belgium to ten billion dollars over the next five years .
    He explained that the trade exchange between the two countries, 6.8 billion dollars and expected annual growth significantly, especially after the signing of the 15 joint agreement between the companies in the two countries to more than ten billion dollars over the next five years , pointing out that no figures are available about the size of the agreements , and said it in specialized areasin health , petrochemicals, information technology, and other areas where the needs of the Kingdom .
    He said: " Our relationship with the Council of Saudi Chambers with Belgium was in the past through the Chamber that Arab Common With the signing of the agreement relationship became dilated , where he signed the Council of Chambers represented in Saudi Chambers agreement with the Chamber of Belgian to activate the relationship , to develop a joint work program between the two countries ."
    He pointed out that it will be the formation of the Council of Saudi businessman Belgian starting tomorrow, Tuesday , called on businessmen who have the cooperation and activities in Belgium to have them active in the Council in order to be more activation .
     He stressed that he will continue the meetings until Monday and is expected to sign other agreements, and said that the Belgian side has an interest to work in Saudi Arabia , where the environment in Saudi Arabia is suitable for all the world , pointing out that the Belgians have efficient in the world, and expect cooperation to set up a manufacturing joint Saudi Belgian .
    He explained that there are no obstacles facing Saudi investor at the moment with Belgium , a special tax that is stable in Belgium , pointing out their positive in Europe .
    This has seen the Council of Saudi Chambers yesterday to meet with the Saudi business sector Belgian organized by the Council of Chambers in honor of Princess Astrid represented by King Philip of Belgium , and her accompanying delegation at the beginning of the work of the opening session noted the achievements of economic achievements Kingdom and were the subject of a tribute from institutions and international economic organizations, specialized and isthose accomplishments in achieving GDP towards 745 billion dollars in 2013 , and the growth of non-oil exports to the Kingdom of around 51 billion dollars in 2012 , which reflects the fruits of efforts to diversify the economic base in the Kingdom.
    Kingdom has also become among the largest exporters of goods in the world, its economy has been rated among the fastest growing economies in the world , ranked 22nd in the world as the best attractive environment for investment among 178 countries .


    In addition, revenue huge achieved by the Kingdom in recent years , which amounted in 2013 about 302 billion dollars , which helped to increase government spending and allocate a large part of the surplus to be spent on development projects , these achievements and others have made the Saudi economy the focus of attention of companies and major investors inthe world , and viewed from the perspective that the largest economy in the Middle East , and the Golden Gate for investment and trade in the region's markets .
    And contributes to the private sector a greater role in these developments , it is supported in an integrated package of advanced economic policies , incentives encouraging investment and attracting domestic and foreign investment .
    He Alambti , said that such a meeting is considered a new station in the joint economic action between the two kingdoms , that in the context of strengthening and enhancing the cooperation between the business , with the aim of developing economic relations , especially relations between Saudi Arabia and Belgium began to take its natural course and thrive in the recent period , where volume rose trade between the two countries from 1.8 billion dollars in 2003 to about 6.8 billion dollars in 2012 , praised Peter Timmer Manz President of the Federation companies in Belgium trade relations Arabia Belgian , stressing the need for strengthened through continued business sectors in the two countries and the establishment of partnerships between them , the Belgians called investors to take advantage of the opportunities available in the Saudi market and work on its expansion in the markets of the European Union.
    Timmer represented the advantages of Belgium make a country attractive for investment , notably the availability of productive workforce and skilled , and the existence of a tax system that attracts contains many features as tax incentives and various facilities , in addition to the enjoyment of Belgium 's economy is strong and open , as well as its strategic geographic location , which contributes significantly to the promotion of trade relations with the countries of the European Union and Belgium trading partners , including the UK .
    Timmer Manz urged the Saudi business sector to establish business relations and partnerships with Belgian companies due to its strong performance and the use of modern technology in order to develop its business in the Kingdom , especially in the field of alternative energy .
    He noted Dr. Fahd Abu Himd Undersecretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry for Technical Affairs , the distinguished relations between the two kingdoms , noting that the existence of the Belgian delegation high-level extension of relations firm and solid , which combines the two countries , among the visit of this delegation comes in light of high hopes to expand bilateral trade and investment between the two sides.
    The Kingdom's keenness to support and develop trade relations with its presidents , aspiring to achieve the delegation's visit Belgian desired objectives to promote the trade between the two countries , to create an effective environment to encourage the private sector in both countries to seize the investment opportunities available , to contribute to support the economies of the two countries .
    While expressing the hope that the institutions operate the private sector to launch constructive initiatives for the employment opportunities and take advantage of the incentives available in the two countries to establish productive projects , service and overall economic to support official efforts to serve the common interests , increase the number of joint ventures which reached until the end of 1431 (26) projects, of which(15) industrial projects and ( 11) project is industrial and is increasing continuously since that date , stressing also the aspiration to achieve more trade , which rose from ( 19527 ) million in 2008 to ( 25334 ) million in 2012 , and thatcommensurate with the great potential and opportunities available in both countries .
    As confirmed Jean-Claude Marcor Economy Minister competent SMEs and foreign trade and modern technology, on his country's interest to the development of economic ties with the Kingdom from the trade partnership between the two countries, which have been strengthened to sign the 15 agreement between the business sectors in the areas of infrastructure, science, health, transportand energy , engineering, information technology and communications.
    He praised the progress wrought by Saudi companies that have become a record whatever has such as SABIC and bin Laden , Arabsat , and Zamil Group and others, as noted the support provided by the Belgian companies in building projects Arabia different , which he described one of the best corporate performance and quality at the European level and globally.
    Marcor called Saudi businessmen to visit Belgium to get closely acquainted with investment opportunities and Belgian companies , as well as to take advantage of the site Belgium representative in the capital, Brussels, which make it an important commercial center in Europe , pointing out that this visit aims to increase the knowledge and awareness of all aspects of commercial and investment to Belgium .

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