• A memorandum of understanding to promote industrial cooperation and trade between Saudi Arabia and Morocco


    300 businessmen and investor involved in the "Kingdoms Forum" in the presence of the Ministers of Trade
     A memorandum of understanding to promote industrial cooperation and trade between Saudi Arabia and Morocco


    Dr. Tawfig Alrabiah the Minister of trade and industry and Chairman of the Saudi export development authority signed Moulay Hafid elalamy counterpart, Minister of industry, trade and investment and the digital economy, on 4 June, a memorandum of understanding for industrial cooperation and trade between the two countries. The signing of the memorandum on the sidelines of the first session for the ' crossroads of the two kingdoms ', held in Casablanca, Morocco, from 4 to 6 June 2014, and its economic and trade relations between Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Morocco, on the basis of what was agreed by the Joint Commission-the Moroccan ' held in Jeddah from 25 to 27 August 2013. Note the steps in enable access for Kingdom of Saudi exports to all States of the world and find solutions to improve the competitiveness of their exports and the formulation of a clear national strategy for development and stimulating.
    Highlights include items of note that Parties shall exchange information and data, studies and research concerning industry methods of development zones and industrial products by connecting bases of industrial information available in the two countries, in addition to the transfer of technology to increase the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises and exchange experiences in this area, cooperation in integration programs and industrial handling. With the memorandum of understanding on promoting cooperation in the field of innovation and research and development centers in the two countries and the exchange of experience and expertise in future industries and nanotechnology to open channels of promotion and marketing of industrial products through trade fairs, conferences and forums, will take advantage of the courses and training programs in the industrial fields of training national cadres in the two countries in accordance with the conditions and possibilities, as well as make use of the mechanisms available to support joint industrial projects.
    The parties will establish joint industrial projects and industrial integration and stimulate export industries, and identify sectors that provide investment opportunities in both countries and encourage the private sector which through working visits, etc, as the Convention addresses the difficulties of a commercial industrial relations, trade and development cooperation, and increase the volume of exports between the two countries and providing appropriate solutions in this regard.

    The first session is for the ' crossroads of the two kingdoms ' participation of 300 businessmen and investors, the exhibition aims to overcome the difficulties facing the exports between the two countries and the development of commercial cooperation to develop the economy and open up new markets for both sides, seek to make it a platform for business people from both countries and develop trade relations, in addition to workshops for discussion of all economic hubs in order to develop joint economic projects. The total exhibition area of 2,500 meters, an area of 1,250 square meters to display products in the areas of food processing, building materials, construction, petrochemicals, plastics, electrical and mechanical industries, metal industries, with Moroccan side presents its products at similar foodstuffs, textiles, automotive, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, construction and public works, electricity, metal and mechanical industries. The Saudi Committee in 1966 established joint Moroccan and so far 11 sessions were held alternately in the two capitals, where the Foreign Ministry headed by the Saudi side And in 1432 recent session in Rabat, and preparations for the twelfth session in Riyadh.

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