• $ 322 million inflows into money market funds - the highest level since 2008


    $ 322 billion has poured into money market funds in the past six months from April to September, the largest flow of funds since the second half of 2008, when the global financial crisis erupted and US investment bank Lehman Brothers collapsed, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch.​

    According to Reuters, fears of a recession emerged again, fueled in the past few days by negative data for the manufacturing sector in the United States and a much larger-than-expected decline in German exports in August.​

    Bank experts said, "The bank index" Bull and Bear ", which measures market sentiment rose to 1.3 from 1.2 in the previous week," refers to expectations "tend to be a significant decline."​

    With regards to bond funds, total inflows to them in the week to Wednesday totaled $ 11 billion, as investors sold stocks under caution on Wall Street.

    The bank said based on "Aa.ba.av.ar" data, "Investors pulled $ 9.8 billion from equity funds during the week," as they are still cautious in the face of a worldwide decline devilishly uncertainty caused by a trade war between the United States and China, The threat to hold US President Donald Trump accountable, Britain's exit from the EU and the risk of recession.​

    US equity funds were negatively affected by a "moderate" outflow of $ 6.2 billion.​

    Moving to the metal and currency markets, gold prices rose yesterday, to settle within a narrow range, as investors awaited more clarity on issues of global uncertainty, which helped the yellow metal to compensate for losses suffered earlier.

    Gold rose 0.3 percent of online transactions to $ 1499.15 an ounce, "an ounce", but fell about 0.3 percent since the beginning of the week, and increased US Gold futures 0.1 percent to $ 1502.30 an ounce.​​

    Palladium gained 0.2 percent to $ 1703.44 an ounce by 06:38 GMT, and held near its all-time high of $ 1704.59, putting it on course for a weekly gain of about 2 percent.​The metal used to stimulate the automotive sector is heading for the fourth consecutive session.​

    For other precious metals, platinum rose 0.4 percent to $ 903.24 an ounce, while silver rose 1 percent to $ 17.66 an ounce, while the dollar fell slightly against rival currencies​. 

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