• validity periods of chilled chicken product and the validity of the specified seven days


    Gentlemen / Importers of poultry products

    The Asharqia Chamber gives you its best regards, and informs you of receiving the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (SC / 398) dated 18/2 / 1441H, which states that the Council has received the letter of the SFDA No. (5426 / p) and the date (15/2 / 1441 H), referred to in the validity period of the chilled chicken product, which is set to seven days in the Saudi Technical Regulation No. SFDA. FD 150-1 Validity Periods of Food Products - Part 1: Mandatory Validity Periods The Authority would like to inform you of its approval to grant poultry producers only two additional days not exceeding a maximum of 9 days from the date of slaughter on the shelf life of the chilled chicken product until the above Saudi Technical Regulations are updated. The concerned companies shall bear full responsibility for the retention of food products in their basic qualities under the specified conditions of packaging, transport, and storage to ensure the safety and safety of these products during the period of validity​.


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