• the validity periods of food products


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    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best greetings, and would like to inform you of receiving the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (SG / 2922) dated 17/12 / 1439 that referred to the letter of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment No. 59352 dated 8/12/1439, which referred to the letter of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (No. 27027 / AS) dated 26/11/1439, concerning the decision of the Authority No. (4-17-1439) dated (16/9/1439), which includes the approval of the updating of the Saudi Technical Regulations for the periods of validity of food products Part 1 (SFDA FD 150-1).

    This requires the abolition of the mandatory date of production on food products (perishable) that do not exceed the validity of a month optional as of (1/9/2018).​

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