• With respect to crimes of corruption and bribery, methods of identifying them and ways to restrict


         The Chamber presents its compliments , this is to inform you that we received a letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (م.ع/ش.غ/1617) dated (2/6/1435), referred to a national anti-corruption Commission (4804/4/1) and the date (24/5/1435 ) hereinafter referred to as provided in paragraph (7) provided in item (iii) of the national strategy for the protection of integrity and anti-corruption, set up international developments with regard to crimes of corruption and bribery and to identify methods and ways.      And clauses to the decision paragraph (d) of agenda item, which reads: ' commercial and industrial chambers urged the preparation of plans and programs to sensitize entrepreneurs and merchants of the risks of corruption, its causes and consequences, and to clarify their feedback about financial and commercial systems, as well as paragraph (b) of item (iv), which provides that the national anti-corruption Commission coordinating the efforts of the public and private sectors in planning of anti-corruption programs and straightened.
         In continuation of its body from the reference contained in paragraph (5) of article (3) of the regulation, which States: ' to encourage public and private efforts on the adoption of plans and programs for the protection of integrity and anti-corruption, follow up their implementation and evaluating their results.      So the Board wishes everyone to take advantage of the available version of the third version of the working principles of the anti-corruption organization transparency International (with summary) in the contents, and add it to the strategies taken in protecting integrity and anti-corruption, which help in the development of the role of the private sector in the national economy.​

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