• What was observed during the fieldwork by the Traffic Department of the Riyadh area of the presence of large numbers of vehicles


    Asharqia Chamber presents its best greetings to you, and would like to inform you of receiving the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (L / L / 2734) dated 5/11 / 1439, which referred to the minutes of the meeting that was formed between the General Directorate of Traffic, the Council of Chambers, and Riyadh Chamber that based on the guidance of the Director General of Traffic Department that based on the letter of the Director of the Department of Traffic in Riyadh Region No. (73851) dated (7/4/1439) on the observations that made during the field work by the Traffic Department of the Riyadh Region.

    Traffic Department of the Riyadh Region has observed the presence of large numbers of vehicles belonging to companies and institutions that place advertising posters on their own vehicles, transport vehicles and buses, which violates the organizing rules contained in the traffic system issued by Royal Decree No. / 85 dated (26/10/1428) and its Executive Regulations issued by Ministerial Decision No. (7019) dated (3/7/1429) and the decision of the Council of Ministers No. (6034 / M) dated (4/7/1430), and order of the Director General of Traffic that to conduct campaigns to control the offenders after being informed and given an appropriate opportunity after the formation of a working group to organize the subject, and that companies, institutions, and factories should be given sufficient time to settle the conditions of their vehicles and to remove any advertising of any kind by the end of the day (30/12/1439).


    Therefore, companies, establishments and factories should remove advertising that is placed on the vehicles belonging to them, whether this advertising in the form of posters or drawings or writing or any other means to introduce a product in a maximum period (30/12/1439). And that the infringing vehicles will be applied against traffic violation number (1) of the list of violations No. (2), which is called that "any modification or addition to the structure or the body of the vehicle without taking formal action," with the seizure of the vehicle until the removal of the violation by traffic departments.

    The penalty prescribed that would be applied to a fine or to the seizure of the vehicle with a fine as of (1/1/1440).​

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