• Using pallets to classify incoming goods


    ​Gentlemen/ Members of the Chamber


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received the letter of the Federation of Saudi Chambers No. (43102020) and dated (9/5/1443 AH), regarding the union’s receipt of the letter of the General Authority of Ports No. (1/2/60/11061) dated (5/5/1443 AH). It includes the importance of stowing goods inside all containers imported to Saudi ports and placing them on the pallets for shipping in a way that helps easily handling them with specialized mechanical equipment, which is positively reflected on the operational processes inside the ports, ensuring the speed of customs clearance and improving the customer’s experience of handling goods and containers inside the ports and facilitating trade, in addition to avoiding The occurrence of any damage to the goods contained within those containers as of (1/3/2022 AD), the owners of the goods must use pallets to stow the goods imported to the Kingdom through the containers compulsorily, except for the following goods:

    • Bulk materials, dry or liquid, that are carried directly on their means of transport, such as (wheat and other grains, cement, gypsum, and petroleum materials...etc.)​
    • ​Raw materials come in jumbo bags with large weights that are difficult to put on pallets.
    • Heavy machinery and equipment, production lines, electrical materials, and machinery.

    • Metal products that come in large rolls, coils, or flats
    • Iron rods, large pipes, scaffolding, and the like
    • Furniture and furnishings in general
    • pneumatic outer tires.
    • Marble, stones, and airy granite​
    The authority will continuously review the excluded goods to update and announce them in coordination with the relevant authorities. The authority also confirms that it will take all legal measures for non-compliant owners of goods by applying what is mentioned in (violations and penalties) of the rules and instructions of seaports while continuing to collect the wages specified in the system Port services fees.​

    Sincerely yours

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