• Transfer the task of issuing this certificate from the Ministry to the Saudi Food and Drug Authority



    Respected / traders and importers of natural feed



    Asharqia Chamber presents its best greetings to you, and would like to inform you of receiving the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (L / 205) dated 24/1 / 1440, which referred to the letter of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture No. (840/1254/1439) dated (3/1/1440), which includes reference to the feed system issued by Royal Decree No. (M / 60) dated (23/9/1435) that has entrusted feed control tasks to the SFDA, and with a reference to the record signed between the Ministry and SFDA, through which the stages are operational to transfer these tasks, including the transfer of the task of issuing protein and energy analysis certificates to the Ministry of Finance for the purpose of obtaining subsidy on imported natural feeds.

    It is noteworthy that the task of issuing this certificate will be transferred from the Ministry to the SFDA, as it is effective from 1/3/1440 AH.​

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