• The restriction of accepting payments from customers via electronic means only and not accepting paper or coins


    Dears/ Members of the Chamber


    The Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received a letter from the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (42100642) dated (2/17/1442), in which the letter of the Ministry of Commerce is referred to as the letter No. (06766) dated (10/2/1442) and the letter written by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency No. (42006081) and the date (2/5/1442), the appendix to the letter No. (41055704) and the date (6/9/1441) indicating the directives issued by some government agencies regarding the restriction of accepting payments from customers through electronic means only and not accepting paper currency or Mineral, on the pretext of combating the spread of the new Corona virus (COVID-19), and where these directives are no longer in place, given that paper and metal currencies are like other tools that must be taken precautions when dealing with them, and as it was recently observed that some shops refrain from accepting national paper and coin currencies under the pretext of combating Corona virus, and that some stores put up plates stating that they are not expressly accepted, and where Article (7) of the Saudi Arabian Monetary System issued by Royal Decree No. (6) dated (1/7/1397) was granted the legal and exemptive power of banknotes issued by Foundation and grant This is the characteristic of legal circulation to pay off debts and obligations, and this comes to respect the national currency as one of the manifestations of state sovereignty, and to enhance confidence in it, and given that refusal to accept these currencies affects consumers' rights to choose the means of payment, and it may result in refusing to sell, in addition to being bad and weak From the level of confidence in the national currency and the request of His Excellency for those who are required to direct the commercial establishments covered by the Ministry's control not to refrain from accepting paper and coins and to hold accountable those who do so in accordance with the regulations and decisions related to sale.

    Sincerely Regard


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