• The owners of companies, institutions and individuals in the Eastern Province, and who seek to obtain a permit to put poste


      The  Chamber presents its compliments, this is to inform you that we received a letter of Ministry of Interior – General Security-General Directorate of traffic – traffic safety division of the East region (7/1587), dated (17/1/1435) in follow-up to a previous letter (7/26933/3) dated (18/10/1434), on the many reviewers of corporate governance, institutions and individuals in the eastern region and who require a permit to put up posters advertising the vehicles belonging to them and let us know that the Royal Decree No. (6034م ب) dated (4/7/2009) about the advertising on taxis and public vehicles at present and what referred to in the book. So the eastern region management wishes for not placing posters, for you not get the traffic offenses from the text of article 25 of the traffic system.​

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