• The manufacturers and importers restore large amounts of non-conforming specification qualities


    To Gentlemen -importers and manufacturers of air conditioners and refrigeration 

    To Gentlemen - owners and traders in air conditioning and refrigeration

      Chamber presents its compliments; this is to inform you that received the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (ش.غ/870) and date (25/3/1435), which referred to an earlier letter No. (ش.غ/2934) dated (6/8/1434), that the Board address the Ministry of trade and industry (267/5/9/6127/ع) dated (24/6/1434) referred it to the meeting of the Board of the Saudi Commission for specifications, standards and quality systems (141) dated (12/2/1434), containing the publication of several resolutions.    
    Referring to the Chambers Council letter that contained an append statement to the Ministry of trade and industry (267/9/1/2296/ع) dated (15 -3- 1435), containing the Ministry as of (29/2/1435 ) ^ (1/1/2014) has launched an inspection campaign to the shops and warehouses selling air conditioners to verify compliance with the energy efficiency label and seized from air conditioners.
         As shown by the manufacturers and importers to restore large amounts of non-conforming to the standard qualities referred to markets and retail shops and to stop selling them and bring lots of manufacturers and importers for the Ministry to give them the opportunity to demand re-export of these types of non-conforming outside the Kingdom.      According to combat commercial fraud, the Ministry invites factories and companies which have a reservation on the quality of air conditioners energy card requirements and minimum energy efficiency of air conditioners or a/c from the market recovery and seizure of its early reporting and disclosure of the amounts of those air conditioners as quickly as possible with the types and models to enable them to be re-exported outside the Kingdom and restore customs duties, the Ministry, in coordination with the Saudi customs by allocating specific paths in border ports for exporting air conditioners offense Speed up termination procedures and customs duties collected at import.
         So the Board wishes everyone to promptly inform the Ministry (General Directorate for laboratory) fax (0114022539) the quantities to be re-exported and the quality and models as quickly as possible, within one week from date.​ ​

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