• The importance of the commitment to the standard specifications in the Kingdom for trucks


    The Chamber presents its compliments ,this is to inform you that we received a letter by the Council of Saudi Chambers (ش.غ/3610) dated (4/11/1434) referred to a speech by General Customs (84873) dated (28/10/1434) including the importance for the trucks wishing to enter the Kingdom to be committed to the standard specifications for dimensions and weights of trucks, to ensure the safety of road infrastructure, including bridges and tunnels, where the practical reality refers to some special cargo contrary to specifications for dimensions and weights of trucks witch made them indivisible , and that the Ministry of transportation give them exceptional permits for transport , and in the light of the coordination with the Ministry of transport to facilitate the entry of trucks, the Kingdom has established General Customs careful organization according to specific criteria applicable to the truck and its cargo to prevent entry of trucks and cargo-transportation special permit.Accordingly, the General Customs will apply as of Sunday (2/4/1435) (2/2/2014) organization for those trucks where the Customs Security Department in the waiting area will allow the truck carrying the special licenses issued by the Ministry of transport to the Customs arena and preventing the entry of any payload does not match the truck with the license granted to it and return to the State after made them pay (1000SR) infringement procedures under article (31/6) of the implementing regulation for AGCC customs cooperation and coordination with the customs of neighboring States to prevent any truck loaded with exceptional load unless you get a permit issued by the Ministry of transport in Saudi Arabia.​

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