• The emergence of a focus for bird flu


    The Chamber presents its compliments , this is to inform you that we received a letter by the Council of Saudi Chambers (ش.غ/3825) dated (26/11/1434) and referred to a speech by Saudi food and drug authority (17644/ع) dated (18/11/1434) and containing it from the immediate notification report to the Web site of the world Organization for animal health (OIE) (1390) dated (15/8/2013) (8/10/1434) issued by the Department of animal health and food safety and consumer protection authority of the Ministry of health of Italy, the emergence of bird flu focus high necessity of Strains (H7) region (EMILIA-ROMAGNA), Italy, The Decree No. (127/34) dated (5/11/1434) to impose a much higher temp on the import of poultry meat and eggs and their products (EMILIA-ROMAGNA) in the State of Italy, due to the emergence of bird flu high necessity which, with the exception of the temporary ban on poultry meat and eggs and their products heat treatment or in any other way to eradicate the bird flu virus, to be matched to the requirements and health regulations and standards adopted, attaching a health certificate to prove that the product is thermally or by any factor Another way to eradicate the bird flu virus and the competent official authorities in Italian and the temporary ban will continue until the stability of the health status of the livestock and meat export facilities accreditation.​

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