• The continuing spread of the installation of warning devices and voice alarm (safety)


    The Chamber presents its compliments , this is to inform you that we received a letter by the Council of Saudi Chambers (ش.غ/3802) date (24/11/1434) and referred to the letter of the Ministry of trade and industry (267/3/5/1745/ع) dated (10/05/1434) and referred it to the wire coming from the Director of public security (2,375) dated (8/10/1434) based his Royal Highness the Minister of the Interior (56995) dated (8/9/1434) referred to continued widespread installation of warning devices and alarm sound (Safety) on non-security vehicles and those vehicles It's similar to vehicle security and military equipment, and that this is a clear violation of the regulations and instructions, and where telegraphic included not allowing registration of the activity referred to only with the prior approval of the Ministry of the Interior (the Public Security Directorate General for traffic). We hope to see and observe its, thankful for your cooperation and your attention.​​

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