• The approval of the employer regulations of the relationship of the foreigner worker, as he can retain his passport


    ​Sirs / the respected participants of the Chamber

    Peace and blessings of God


               Asharqia Chamber presents its best regards and informs you of the receipt of the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers No (1225)  date (4.21.1438), referred to receiving the Council letter and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development No. (14/1/4902) date (4.20.1438 ), referring  to the Council of Ministers decree No. (166) date (7.12.1421), of the approval of the regulation of the  relationship of the worker with the employer, including the foreigner worker passport retention, and a reference to the implementing of  the regulations to the labor issued by Ministerial Decree No. (1982) date (28/6 / 1437 ), which are included in the 7 statement for the implementation of the labor Law that "the employer can not keep passport of the non Saudi worker, and in the case the worker requested the retention of employer to his passport he must sign the written statement in Arabic, and the language of the worker, according to the reference model attached to these regulations and referred it to the receipt of the employer to the worker passport and the date of its receipt. "

    Regarding the Ministerial decree No. (4786) date (12/28/1438), of the  violations of the labor system and the  parallel sanctions, contained in paragraph 3. 1- considering the employer retaining the passport of the worker without his  acceptance is a violation punishable with a fine of 2000 Riyals multiple with the multiple passports of workers, this decision required the offender to  get rid of the violation during the month and, if not during that period it will be considered a repetition and requires doubling the punishment.

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