• The intention of the General Committee for Statistics to implement a number of statistical field surveys


    Respected participants of the Chamber


    Peace and blessings of God

               Asharqia Chamber presents its best regards and informs you of the receipt of the letter of the General Committee for statistics number (1247/2293/38) date (4.26.1438), containing the intention of the General  Committee for Statistics will implement a number of statistical field surveys (demographic, economic and social) in 2017, and the longer these surveys of the most important statistical operations by the international, regional and local requirements.

    The team of the employees of the Committee and a number of collaborators with the task of collecting the survey data in the field using the sample approach to families and economic establishments in all regions of the Kingdom, the aim of this survey  is to update the data and statistical indicators rules, and make it available to all public and private agencies and decision makers, as well as to the beneficiaries and interested and scholars, planners, and to contribute to the success of this important statistical work which is one of the basic pillars upon which to build development plans of the Kingdom.

    We hope to cooperate with the representatives of the Committee charged with the task of collecting data and then to respond to them and give them the required data.

    Note that the  Committee is committed to full confidentiality of all updated data and be used only for statistical purposes only.



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