• The importance of providing detailed information on imported goods to form accurate databases


    Respected/ importers and custom clearance agents


    Asharqia Chamber presents its best greetings to you and would like to inform you of the letter from King Abdul Aziz Port No. 9753/19 dated 25/10/1439, which referred to the letter of Assistant Governor of the General Authority for Customs Affairs No. (0117707/39/184) dated (16/2/1439) that is attributed to the attached letter of His Excellency the Secretary General of the Board of Directors of Chambers of Commerce and Industry No. (45368) dated (28/5/1430).

    It includes the importance of providing detailed information on imported goods to create accurate databases that support the process of controlling the state revenues, achieving justice among importers, providing customs facilities and speeding the clearance of goods according to the risk management systems and the approved economic operator.


    It was noted that some importers still provide invoices with generic names for the item in question, which was contrary to the Article 27 of the Common Customs System, which stipulated detailed and accurate invoices.

    Therefore, all customs outlets have been instructed not to accept any customs declaration as of 1/7/1439 unless accompanied by detailed invoices on the nature of the actual inventory in terms of the types, specifications, weights and specific measurements of the items received.

    For example, invoices for the import of carpets and rugs should contains the type and method of manufacture, manual / thread, PPP, acrylic, etc. as well as weight per square meter, individual price per square meter, quantity and unit of measurement.


    Customs also hopes importers and custom clearance agents to comply with what is stated in the letter in order to benefit from the customs facilities and to speed the clearance of their goods and avoid the fines on the violations.

    The provisions of Article (30) of the Implementing Regulations of the unified customs system shall apply to the violators as of the above-mentioned date of application.​

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